I am excited to announce that for a limited time I am now offering hyper-customized home workouts!

Each workout will be tailored for you and your specific goals, experience level, and equipment you have available, if any.  I have written over 10,000 different workouts in my life for clients, magazines, and myself and I take pride in coming up with innovative ways to train and achieve your health and fitness goals. 

No two workouts are the same.  Everyone has different goals, limitations, and access to equipment and those all will be taken into account while devising the perfect workout.  

For every written workout I will make a video to demonstrate perfect form on every exercise so you can do each exercise with confidence and get the most out of your workout! 

With the 3-workout package you will also receive a 30-Minute video or phone call with me to go over your workouts and give you the chance to ask me any fitness or nutrition questions! 

You Provide

  • A list of equipment (if any) that you have access to at home 
  • What you hope to achieve with the workouts

You Receive

  • 3 hyper-customized written home workouts tailored to your needs and goals 
  • A short video demonstrating perfect form on every exercise in your workout
  • A 30-Minute Video or Phone Call with Parker to ask any fitness or nutrition related questions 

Once your order is placed, Parker will email you directly to learn more about your workout preferences and home setup.