Parker Cote Elite Fitness, named the “Best Personal Training Studio in Boston” by Boston Magazine, opened in 2015 with the goal of bringing the ultimate personal training experience to Boston.  

Mission Statement. 

To help others experience the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle while maintaining balance in all aspects of life.


Several personal training programs help to achieve short-term results yet fail when it comes to long-term due to the lack of teaching or prioritizing longevity within a client’s fitness plan.

At Parker Cote Elite Fitness, we make fitness a fun, challenging, cathartic part of clients’ lives by working hard, yet avoiding extremes. While some programs put clients through blindly-restrictive diets and grueling, generic workouts to achieve short-term results, we provide hyper-customized programs to ensure that long-term results are achieved properly and above all, maintainable.  Workout plans are different for every client because the wants, needs, and goals are different for every client.  

The Studio.


ARRIVE. With complimentary lockers and charging stations, the Parker Cote Elite Fitness lounge serves as a space where clients can store their belongings, make any necessary phone calls, etc. and simply rest before their session begins. Stunning Newbury street views included.  






TRAIN. Making a name for itself in Boston, this modern 1,600 sq. ft. studio is fully equipped with top-of-the-line equipment including unique pieces rarely seen in commercial gyms and private studios alike. Featuring a brand new boxing section featuring hand crafted boxing gloves and heavy & speed bags, to endless specialty bars and benches, there is no space like this in the city.  This collection of equipment helps to add additional differentiation to our clients’ personalized workout plans – keeping each session new and exciting. Complimentary towels and water are always available.

We are all about one-on-one, uninterrupted, personal training, which is why we limit the gym-floor capacity at any given time to two people – the trainer and the client. 



REFRESH. Once a session is complete, clients have access to our spa-quality restroom which features a shower, fresh towels and several complimentary products to help them get ready for the rest of their day. Need a refreshment? Parker Cote Elite Fitness has several post-workout bars and beverages (in addition to apparel) on hand at all times for purchase.




Boston Magazine Best of Boston Award Winner, “Best Personal Training Studio in Boston”