At Parker Cote Elite Fitness, we seek to make fitness a fun, challenging, cathartic part of clients’ lives by working hard, yet avoiding extremes. While some programs put clients through blindly-restrictive diets and grueling, generic workouts to achieve short-term results, we provide hyper-customized programs to ensure that long-term results are achieved properly and above all, maintainable.  Workout plans are different for every client because the wants, needs, and goals are different for every client. 



We are looking for a qualified personal trainer to contribute to the award-winning reputation of Parker Cote Elite Fitness. Individuality is not only accepted but encouraged when it comes to training styles and methods. Candidates must be able to combine their personal flair with the established training styles and philosophies of Parker Cote Elite Fitness.



  • The studio receives a regular amount of prospective client inquiries (which often turn into sign-ups).  However, it is expected that all trainers work do their part in acquiring new clients as well, whether this be via email, social media, in-person, etc. 
  • All of our signed clients started from a successful initial consultation. You will be responsible for meeting with prospective clients that you’ve acquired, showing them the studio, explaining what we stand for and how we operate, and answering any questions they may have – hopefully all resulting in a signed client.
  • You will help to make sure the studio is always clean and restocked of any necessary items.


  • For each unique client you will
    • Write and conduct a variety of customized 1-hour personal training sessions
    • Perform client progress assessments on a regular basis 
    • Schedule their training sessions (and rescheduling when applicable)
    • Be their go-to resource for all things health and fitness


  • This is a part-time position with the opportunity to grow into full-time if/when your weekly number of client hours align.
  • The specifics of your schedule will rely on the timing that you and your clients agree on, however you will generally be working weekday mornings (and weekends if you and your client decide upon that).
  • Your hours per week are solely based on the number of clients you have/acquire and # of times your clients train per week.
  • An additional few hours will be devoted to initial training, client consultations, team meetings and any other case-by-case initiatives.


  • Highly motivated
  • Advanced in communication and people skills
  • An all-around positive attitude
  • Passionate and knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition 
  • Ability to adhere to changes in clients’ needs/goals
  • Extremely punctual


  • 1-2 years personal training experience preferred but not required
  • Must possess an up-to-date nationally-accredited personal training certification
  • Must be currently CPR/AED certified
  • Mindbody software experience preferred
  • Able to work as early as 5am on weekdays depending on client scheduling
  • Have experience using and training with a variety of equipment
  • Able to live comfortably (financially) while ramping up/acquiring clients


  • Flexible work schedule
  • Highly-competitive pay
  • Access to the studio for personal workouts when it’s not in use


Use the form below and be sure to click the CAPTCHA prompt after you click submit. If you are experiencing difficulties, please send your information and resume to