Over the years, my workouts have become more and more complicated.  I’ll add new exercises (sometimes ones I have made up), try new rep ranges, and used new equipment to stimulate my muscles differently and achieve new growth.  New exercises introduced into my routine have had varying levels of success.  While I am always a proponent of keeping your routine fresh with new workouts, I also know that sometimes the best way to get results in the gym is to take your workouts back to basics.  No fancy rep ranges, no crazy new exercises.  Just the basic, tried and true staples that we all know work. This back workout features some classics, that when done with perfect form will yield amazing results!

This back workout will feature 3 fundamental compound exercises (one bodyweight, one free weight, and one cable)  that will help you sculpt a stronger, more muscular back.  Make sure you really feel your back muscles working, and use a weight that will allow you to complete the rep count with proper form.  Contract your muscles hard for a split second at the top of each rep to maximize the effectiveness of each move.  Use this routine in place of your current back workout for the next 2-4 weeks for optimal results.


Pullups (40 reps, as many sets as it takes) 
Wide Grip Pullup

Back Workout, Pullups

One-Arm DB Row (4 sets of 10)
One Arm DB Row

Back Workout, Dumbbell Row

Seated Cable Row (4 sets of 10) 
Seated Cable Row

Back Workout, Cable Row


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