Times are crazy right now.  Coronavirus has forced many of us to quarantine.  Businesses that we all depend on are forced to temporarily close their doors, people are stuck in their homes.  Netflix is cool for a little but gets old after a while.  Stir craziness sets in.  You need to workout but your gym is closed.  Although it may not be ideal, your apartment or home can make a surprisingly wonderful “gym.”  All it takes is some motivation and a little creativity.  I hope you find this coronavirus quarantine workout to be a stress relief.  Also, getting your blood flowing via exercise is another way to boost immunity.  

One of the few things in our control right now is to do something active every day, even if it’s a short walk.  Physiologically we all need it, especially now.  I felt an overwhelming urge to put together a workout video for all skill levels that anyone can use to feel better.  This full body routine requires no equipment whatsoever.  You don’t need bands or dumbbells, and you don’t need any fitness knowledge or experience.  It is designed for all fitness levels and also engineered specifically for city living.  You won’t find jump squats in this neighbor-friendly workout.  Every exercise is low impact.  If you find this video helpful, please share with friends or family who may need a boost.  The impact of even a single workout can do wonders for mental clarity and stress relief.  

Coronavirus Quarantine Workout 

How are you all dealing with the coronavirus pandemic?  What have you found keeps you sane while quarantined that may help others?  Please post in the comments, the more we can help each other the better.  We are all in this together.  If you guys want me to make some more at home videos, email me at parker@parkercotefitness.com or comment here and let me know what type of workouts or nutrition advice you’re looking for.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  -Parker