In the first guest post for the blog, model and certified personal trainer Nate Kimball offers his advice on how to transition into living a healthy lifestyle.  Check out the 5 simple, yet highly effective tips and let me know what you think in the comments section below, enjoy! -Parker 

Diet.  A four-letter word that I consider counterproductive to your new lifestyle.  When deciding to become healthier, its more productive to view it as a lifestyle change versus a quick fix.  Leave the temporary highs in the past and make the most of a healthier you!  This lifestyle change is not as daunting as it seems. 

Here are 5 simple healthy lifestyle tips to make that transition even easier!

1. Drink more water

This is a simple piece of advice.  Many times people are just simply not drinking enough water.  Many individuals think they are hungry when in reality their bodies are just craving water.  It is also a great way to hold yourself over to the next meal without reaching for the nearest bag of chips.  To stay on track, aim for approximately 3 liters of water per day.

2. Track What you Eat

Starting right away, track what you eat over the next 7 days and be completely honest with yourself.  If you are not honest with yourself you will only hurt your progress in the long run.  At the end of the 7 days go through your notes and see what you can do to improve on your food choices.  You will be able to easily see patterns, and make changes for the better.

3. Make Small Changes

After seeing how good or bad certain food selections are over the 7 day period, pick one thing at a time to fix.  I say pick one meal, or food choice at a time to fix because completely overhauling your food habits all at once may be overwhelming.  This is an essential concept to incorporate when aiming to live a healthy lifestyle. For example if you had a small bag of chips every lunch over the 7 day period, start by replacing the chips with a healthier option such as fruits or veggies.  Small, gradual changes over time will lead to long-term changes!

4. Make Routine…Routine 

This is the one most people struggle with.  Life gets in the way, people get too tired or it is not a priority.  What I mean by make routine routine, is just that.  Pick a day and time to cook or prepare meals for the week and stick to that day on a weekly basis.  Not only will you free up time during the weekday mornings, you will also know exactly what you are putting in your body at all times.  It takes the guesswork out of planning meals for the day and if you already know what is on the menu.  Plus, you are much less likely to reach for easily accessible junk food.

 5. Be Flexible

While transitioning to a healthier lifestyle is a positive change, do not go overboard.  Still go out with friends, still enjoy the things you always have, just be more conscious of what you are eating and drinking.  If you do happen to have an unhealthy meal don’t stress, just pick up where you left off at the next meal.  People will often get too obsessed with food choices, inevitably turning a positive change into a harmful one.  Have fun, be creative with your healthier food selection and enjoy all the newfound benefits!

The journey to a healthier, stronger you, starts now.  Why wait until tomorrow to do something that can be done today?

1970739_229691783900011_708903945_nNate Kimball is an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer and actor based out of Los Angeles, California.  He has appeared on the Today Show, The Insider, and featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine.  To find out more about Nate and keep up with the latest, check out his Facebook page here.