The next installment of the coronavirus quarantine workout series is an at home legs and glutes workout.  As usual, no equipment or experience needed!  Also, it is designed specifically for apartments, meaning all of the exercises are neighbor friendly and there are no high impact moves.  A home legs and glutes workout makes it easy to train the body’s largest muscle groups leading to maximal calorie burn and muscle-building.  

When gyms open up, try these two leg workouts: Beginner Leg Workout | Ultimate Legs Workout for Maximum Muscle Growth

As I have mentioned in previous posts, it is now more important than ever to move each day.  We all have different goals and your workouts don’t need to be perfect, but it is imperative to exercise via your method of choice.  With many cities currently on either a lockdown or a stay at home order, people will be walking less, and moving far less than usual.  Not only will regular home workouts make you feel better, but they are essential to maintenance of overall health. 

In this legs and glutes workout I show you perfect form and mistakes to avoid to ensure you are doing the exercises properly.   The exercise selection features simple yet highly effective exercises, and can be done solo, with your quarantine roommate, or the whole family.  It will burn fat, build lean muscle and help relieve the stress we are all feeling now. 

Home Legs and Glutes Workout: Quarantine Workout Series

Ankle Rollouts Pre- Warmup

Inchworm Walkouts 3 sets of 5 back & forth

-supserset with-

Water Bottle Swings 3 sets of 40 seconds

Bodyweight Side Lunge 3 sets of 15 per side

-supserset with-

Bodyweight Sumo Squat 3 sets of 20-30

Bulgarian Split Squat 3 sets of 10-12 per leg

-supserset with-

Pendulum Lunge 3 sets of 10 each direction per leg

Single-Leg Glute Kickbacks 3 sets of 30 seconds per leg

Standing Bodyweight Calf Raises  3 sets of 60 seconds

If you are enjoying these workouts, let me know what you’d like to see next!  I’ll be producing plenty more to help you all stay as fit as possible!