Have you ever noticed that some of the most dedicated gym goers look the same year after year? Every gym has at least one member who is there on a near daily basis, yet never sees results. The most likely explanation for this paradox is that they have reached a plateau and have failed to alter their training to ensure continued results.  Not only is repeating the same workouts boring for you, it’s boring for your body.  Our bodies are very smart and efficient and require new stimuli each week to continue to grow and change.  That is why I have put together a full body workout designed specifically to shake things up with your current routine and get results back on track. 

Repeating the same stale workout over and over again is only going to leave you frustrated and bored. It’s time for a change.

The plateau-busting full body workout below utilizes techniques and exercises designed to help you break out of your training rut and get you back on track. You will be using different equipment, a variety of rep ranges, as well as supersets. Slight variations to common moves will target your muscles in a new way, creating an ideal environment for growth.


MOVE ONE: Close Grip Chin-up (as many sets as it takes to reach 40 reps) 

MOVE TWO/THREE: Cable Upright Row with Rope 3 × 12 superset with 
L-Sit Bar Dips 3 × 12 

MOVE FOUR: Pushup to Medicine Ball Pass 3 × 10 

MOVE FIVE: Jump Squats 3 × 15

MOVE SIX: DB Side Lunge 3 × 10

MOVE SEVEN/EIGHT: Reverse Grip Seated Cable Row 12, 10, 8, 6 superset with Gymnastic Ring Pushups 4 × 20

MOVE NINE: Medicine Ball Slam 3 × 12 

MOVE TEN/FINISHER: Battle Ropes 5 × 30 seconds

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