What if I told you that you could completely transform your body in just 5 hours a week?

Before I get started, I’d like to briefly introduce myself.  My name is Parker Cote and I am a professional fitness model and ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.  I have appeared in over 200 fitness magazines and have been featured on over a dozen covers.  I first started working out as a skinny high school freshman, weighing only 145 lbs.  Today, I’m 190 lbs. and feel better than ever.  My philosophy during my entire transformation—and still today—is that BALANCE is extremely important.  Yes, it takes an impressive work ethic, dedication, and sacrifice to reach your fitness goals… but it shouldn’t take over your life.   My progress was not rapid; I took my time with it.  I avoided extremes and gradually transformed my body over the years.  I worked hard and efficiently, but didn’t let my fitness goals get in the way of living a well-rounded life.